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James Character Sheet 2018 by Shadowphoenix21 James Character Sheet 2018 :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 6 3
What is loyal and what isnt?
Shadowphoenix21 as Thrya
TheDevilsLotus as Amadeus
Amadeus stretched out the kinks in his legs as he awoke to the smell of sage that was a beacon of his home. It was not often he was without his bed mate, Ekon, but such was an occasion, and it wasn't that Amadeus minded any. After all other things had to be prepared for. Time for fun came when it was most opportune.
He had yet to hear anything from the Ancestors, which was beginning to trouble him. Surely something was amiss if they refusing to contact him? He had tried his best to reassure Osha of these concerns, but now Amadeus was feeling the inklings of something being wrong.
The Priest did not show much of it, though, as he sauntered into the camp, seeing the familiar faces of his pack mates but one catching his eye in particular. One of the newer wolves, whom he had not yet gotten acquainted with - Thrya. And it appeared she was... observing the Knights?
How interesting...
With a fatherly smile Amadeus sauntered ov
:iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 3 2
Quick head shot sketch by Shadowphoenix21 Quick head shot sketch :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 10 4
Two starving alphas and a little hunter
Alina played by Koeyohte
Nahimana played by EternallyDrunkSmurf
Thrya played by Shadowphoenix21
Alina’s eyes had not opened in hours.  As they fluttered open, her eyes stung.  They were dry - drier than they ever had been while living on the island, salted by sea water.
Weakly, Alina lifted her head.  It was going to be getting dark soon.  It would be yet another end to a painful, disappointing day as the alpha starved in the pit.  Alina glanced toward her companion, Nahimana, who lay nearby.  The time alone in the pit had not been kind to either wolf, but Alina found herself more concerned for Nahimana’s growing children in her belly.
Tan fur littered the small area of the pit Nahimana had chosen as her makeshift 'den.' A few weeks into her pregnancy, the expectant mother's nesting drive had kicked in. The cleanest old bedding she could find, assorted pelt and feather scraps, and her own tufts of fur made up the ru
:iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 4 4
Blinking Pixel Icon Vira by Shadowphoenix21 Blinking Pixel Icon Vira :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 10 10
Obey and Protect - Jova x Vulture Plot
The pack swam across the cold lapping ocean, heading towards the little island pack at their Mistresses command. Thrya swam obediently with the pack. She was loyal, but she was also worried but tried her best to hide that fact. This little island pack was Astrid’s pack! One of her new found friends. She didn’t want to kill or injure one of Astrid’s pack, what would her friend think? But she had to listen to her leader.  
Thrya thought quickly as the pack got closer to the shore. Perhaps if she got hold of one of Astrid’s pack mates first she could insure one would be less harmed then the others. Osha saw and quickly went after Astrid before Thrya could get to her first.
With Osha’s attack, the rest of the pack sprang from the ocean and went after the rest of the Jova wolves. Thrya spotted one dark grey wolf, with black markings, a white underbelly and a white stripe on her back, step out from behinds some tall green ferns where the beach meets the for
:iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 3 7
Low Poly 2D Penguin by Shadowphoenix21 Low Poly 2D Penguin :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 7 5
Shadowphoenix21 as Thrya
EternallyDrunkSmurf as Nahimana
Thrya walked carefully along the packs boarder. Cold snow crunching underneath her paws. She sniffed the area, making sure not to lose the trail. Originally her walk had started out as a spare, causal patrol. Any excuse to escape the slight tension in the air back at the main den site. But then a certain scent along the border had caught her full attention.
No one had officially said anything for the tension but there were rumours. And this scent was supposably the cause of it. Apparently several of the pack’s males had slept with one particular female. Thrya’s ears folded back in annoyance. She didn’t know what was worse, the males not having a sense of loyalty to their pack and potentially suppling pups outside the pack while their own pack’s numbers dwindled. Or the fact that this particular female hated the Vultures and being an alpha should know better.  
Annoyed, Thrya followed the
:iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 6 5
2 x Your Character Here Commissions by Shadowphoenix21 2 x Your Character Here Commissions :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 3 2 Dimitri Wolf Pup by Shadowphoenix21 Dimitri Wolf Pup :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 10 10 AT_Viktor Pixel Icon by Shadowphoenix21 AT_Viktor Pixel Icon :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 2 2
Thrya and Astrid RP - A new friend
Shadowphoenix21 as Thrya
Koeyohte as Astrid
It was midday on a rare sunny winter day. Thrya lay napping, sun bathing on top of a large boulder deep in Vulture territory. The she-wolf wouldn’t normally sleep this unprotected out in the open, but she thought she would be safe this far into the territory. Plus the warm sun on her back felt good mixed in with the chill air.
Astrid growled to herself, low and dangerously as she walked, kicking aside rocks and branches.
Diego had made some sort of move at her – and she had essentially refused. Why? Why didn't she just gush at him like he did at pretty faces? Because it meant nothing? Or because it meant something?
And then there was Morg'lo. The young wolf's stomach bunched as she thought of the odd, patchy male. He had certainly caught her interest... she wasn't sure if that was good or not. She almost grinned when she thought of Alina – Alina never said Astrid had to choose a male within Jova
:iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 1 2
Rough concept designs by Shadowphoenix21 Rough concept designs :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 5 4
Motherly Advice RP Thrya x Nahimana
Shadowphoenix21 as Thrya
EternallyDrunkSmurf as Nahimana
Thrya wondered around the rocky forest. Lost deep in thought. Not paying any attention to where she was going like she normally did. A sound of a faraway small yap and laughing made her freeze in her steps. Head raised she looked around. Totally not in the Vultures territory any more. Her first thought was to get out of whoever’s territory she had accidently wondered into, but the sounds of small yaps made her curious.
The grey coloured wolf carefully navigated up the slops of rocks, heading towards the direction the sounds had come from. Curiosity had taken over fear. She pulled herself up onto a cliff face and looked down into the valley below. A soft smile spread across her face. She had been right about what had made the noise. Pups! “How cute”. Thrya knew that this put her more at danger but she sat transfixed by the sight of the pups playing down below.
As the pups froliced in
:iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 3 6
WWF SS: Phoebus by Shadowphoenix21 WWF SS: Phoebus :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 11 10 James face markings take 2 by Shadowphoenix21 James face markings take 2 :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 3 0

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Can anyone recommend an program alternate to Itunes? It has corrupted my C drive for the last time! I don't want an internet dependent one, I have my own music. I just need a program that can run when not connected to the net.
I had in interesting morning. The curtain above my computer caught fire and my C drive died.
Flight rising is now open for joining 24/7!
If you enjoyed playing neopets when you were younger it is sort of like that but awesomer with dragons!
Or if you just like dragons check it out!

Is someone able to explain sending money via PayPal to me please?

So I was researching, trying to work out how to use PayPal for commissions (As in send invoice and the such)

And either I have miss read something or it sucks if you are not in the US.

To my understanding apparently in the US if you send money to each other for friends/family or gift you can do it for free. But the second you have to send internationally you get charged a certain percent amount (Like I could understand if it is for exchange rate, but it just seems to be a charge). Like starting April they is a fix charge of $5.99 AUD for sending money internationally. Like that is good for those who send lots of money. But what about those who just do small commission? I was tempted to offer small $5 commissions just to test the system but it seems that it is pointless because I wouldn’t get anything.


So am I missing something? Or is this normal?  Or do U.S.A artist get charged too?

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